Factors to consider when choosing Pageant Dresses

When contesting in a beauty pageant, the dress one wears plays a significant role in the outcome.  It is the case regardless of the type of contest a girl is engaging in. Selecting the best outfit is vital to give the individual a chance to win. Apart from the beauty the dresses offer the contestant, and it is a source of self-esteem that the judges look for in the participants.

The chances of attaining the top spot in a beauty pageant increase if you have the perfect outfit for your body and style. Therefore, it is critical to be careful with the girls pageant dresses to choose for a contest. This read will help in determining the ideal outfit for any contest. Here are the factors to consider;


There are numerous styles to pageant dresses, and a contestant does not need to worry about the most popular item in the market. Statistics show that there is no definite style that is ideal. With each season, there is a trend that follows the fashion industry and quickly changes soon after. In addition, designers are stylish and creative in their craft; thus, each will make a different outfit.

On the other hand, if you choose a dress or gown for an upcoming event, you can consider the trends at the period. Alternatively, you can select the traditional styles that remain fashionable across generations; an example is the Cinderella dress.


The fabric is an essential factor to consider for a pageant dress. When looking for a fabric, it is advisable to avoid mixing different materials and keep the design simple. Having different fabrics on one outfit will likely confuse the judges and not earn you any points. Since there is limited time to please the judges, select one type with the proper finishing to them.

Some of the common materials for pageant dresses include velvet, satin, and lace. They are ideal with different shapes.


It plays a significant role in how the judges view the outfit. Someone slim can benefit from bright colors, while a thick person can wear darker shades. The horizontal and vertical lines are popular with the traditional pageant dresses. The former option can complement a voluptuous woman, while the latter will look good on slender ones.

When you want to create an illusion of being tall, select a rigid color. However, mixing the shades will make a person appear short.

Body Shape

There are the areas that women want people to notice about them. Therefore, it is essential to think about the parts when selecting a pageant dress. The face is one of the areas the judge will consider, and you need to make them visible. Focus on the right places and avoid putting the focus on places that are not your best. However, the choice will likely depend on the type of beauty pageant you are engaging in.


Ensure you learn about the different styles and designers to know what can work best for you. If possible, work with a designer to get the perfect pageant dress for an upcoming occasion.

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