Hiring a Foreign Domestic Worker? Here Is What You’ll Pay in the New-Normal!

Working with a domestic helper agency and finding the right assistance for your family is extremely important. That’s why it’s become a lot more popular for Singapore households to hire Filipino maids and other professionals that help them with their workload. What you should know about hiring a foreign domestic worker is that sometimes this might come with additional costs, especially if you factor in the pandemic.

Costs are increasingly hire when you employ a foreign domestic worker

The new normal has added a lot of extra costs, so you will find yourself paying significantly more when you hire Filipino maids in Singapore. Covid-19 safety related costs are pretty much mandatory. Then we have higher administration fees that maid agencies need to require as well. Despite all of that, Singapore locals are still willing to pay a higher price because they need assistance from maids, especially if they have babies or a larger family.

Breaking down what you will pay in the new normal

When you hire a domestic helper from another country, you will have a set of basic needs you must cover. These are a six-monthly medical exam, settling in program, salary, administration fees, maid levy, living expenses, placement fee, a security bond and insurance.

The security bond needs to cover S$5,000, and you can get it from any insurance business or bank. If you hire Filipino maids, the placement fee is anywhere from S$2,000 – S$7,000. When it comes to insurance, that needs to cover at least S$60,000 per year. Administration fees are roughly S$1,000 to S$3,000.

Then we have the minimum monthly salary which should be at least S$570 for Filipino maids. We also have the maid levy that’s $300 and $450 for subsequent helpers. Living expenses are roughly S$150 for food and utilities, S$20 for telecom costs and S$100 for transport. The Settling In program costs S$75 (including GST).

Are there any new costs?

Yes, there are some new costs imposed by the Covid 10 pandemic. Covid swab tests are necessary and if you hire Filipino maids, a PCR costs S$67.29, or you can go with an ART at S$18.12. There’s also a 14-day quarantine which can end up costing S$1,015 if the person is in a single room, and this covers food and accommodation.

If they split it with another worker, the costs will be halved. Maid insurance related to Covid 19 should cover S$10,000 as well. Lowering such costs is a very good idea, and that’s why you want to find the best insurer, as it will help protect you from any financial losses.

New costs incurred due to the Covid 19 pandemic, and that’s why it’s important to work with the right maid agencies. A good maid agency like First Maid will help you find the ideal maid during these challenging times, while also making it easy for you to navigate all these costs. Don’t hesitate and contact us today if you want to hire Filipino maids, we are ready to help right away!

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