Top Board Games for Kids and Family

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Hey parents! Looking for something to do with your family this weekend? Check out this list of top board games – guaranteed to bring some family fun!

The hustle and bustle of daily life hack away at the little time we could spend with our family and the kids who matter the most to us. That’s precisely why we must have game night.

Usually, game night entails some comfort food, a bit of music, and a board game or two. If you are wondering what new board game you could buy for game night, then this blog is for you! In this blog, you will get the best four-player and two-player board games to choose from.

10 Best Board Games for Family Night

The following are some of the best board games for family nights.

Connect 4

This is a classic board game, and we all have played this game at least once in life. Imagine how exciting it would be to play a game you played as a child with your own children!

This game is available all across the world and is quite cheap. Once you understand the rules of the game, Connect 4 is easy to play and gets over quickly.

You can easily set up a game for the kids once you have played a couple of rounds together. This will provide you time to clean up the kitchen or complete some household chores.

Richard Scarry’s Busytown, Eye Found It

This is a popular board game for kids who need to learn teamwork. In this board game, there is no winner. The game ends when everyone makes their way to the end of the board.

There is a ‘Picnic Basket’ at the end of the game. You could arrange a tiny picnic there. The entire family could help in making the cucumber sandwiches. All this would make for some spectacular family time!

Trouble Game

This is another old favorite. Everyone has played this game at least once. It never gets old. The rules are also simple. All you have to do is put all the colored pegs in the correct slots. Then comes the popper and the dice start rolling.

If you have the number needed for the next round, then you can also send an opponent back. With a bit of competitive action, this game is toil, trouble, and everything fun, in a small package!

Ticket to Ride by Days of Wonder

This is a relatively new board game. When it was first introduced, parents were skeptical. Everyone thought that the game strategy would be too difficult for younger kids to grasp. They were all proved wrong though.

This board game is easy to understand. There are maps of different areas in the United States of America. Each player is assigned a map. The player who completes their quest the fastest wins the game. This board game is rated for kids and families from 9+ years of age.

Guess Who?

This board game is a must on game nights. Almost every family owns a board. If you don’t, then you must get a set immediately. The updated board game by Hasbro Gaming introduces children to a wide range of ethnicities, genders, races, and so on.

This board game is also good for kids to learn speech patterns. It rouses curiosity and improves conversational skills.


Is your kid hyperactive? Then you should try out the Twister game with them. This is not your typical board game. Here, you have to physically exert yourself and form combinations as per the given command.

Your kid will learn all about the lefts, rights, and proper balancing. They will also learn how to follow instructions to the best of their abilities.


Another simple game, here you must put the shapes in the correct boxes within the stipulated time. This is a great learning opportunity for the kids and an amazing pastime for the parents.


If you have an over-imaginative child who enjoys narrating made-up stories, then Dixit is the board game you need. You will no longer have to rely on stock photography to teach your kids how to do picture composition. Dixit provides you a stack of surreal pictures. You get to make up subjective stories from them.


This board game is designed for older children and adults. Here, you learn strategic moves. You also get a clear idea about trading, buying, selling, and being a shrewd investor. This board game promises hours of unending fun.


Have you ever wanted to build your own amusement park? This board game provides you with that opportunity. You get to build a dinosaur-themed amusement park with your family and friends.

Now that you have a list of board games for game night, let us know which you intend to start with!

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