Wedding Photography is Challenging and Fun

The world of photography is not limited. In fact, there are almost endless paths you can take with your hobby, passion, or career. And, every path has plenty of room for you to focus on whatever niches interest you. Wedding photography is no different. For some photographers, the direction they take will depend on what the market seems to demand the most. For others, their style or passion will dictate the kind of work they take on. Neither option is wrong, and you should gravitate towards what suits you best. As you consider a move into the field of wedding photography, here are a few helpful things to consider.

Weddings can vary from extremely traditional to flamboyantly eccentric. No matter what kind of    wedding is taking place, you can safely assume the event is extremely important to those participating in it, including loved ones. It is something that must be documented beautifully. These important occasions require the help of a professional who, not only is excellent at taking pictures, but also, understands how to navigate a sometimes-challenging environment and still produce high quality results. This is one of the most exciting things about photographing weddings.

Some of the most important tools a wedding photographer can have (besides their equipment) is their website and social media accounts. When a couple starts the process of planning a wedding and the topic of photography comes up, they will inevitably turn to the internet or word of mouth for recommendations. Having a strong online presence and great word of mouth are two important keys to getting regular work in this field. Sites like wedding photography Utah County use examples of past work to help visitors understand what types of work they do and the quality and style they can expect. Social media accounts can help with building name recognition, advertising, and gaining a loyal audience to help with sharing and word of mouth. Working on improving your online visibility and reach are important and help you stand out from the competitors. Content marketing and SEO are great ways to do this.

As a wedding photographer you aren’t limited to weddings either. Some of your clients will hire you for other services like bridal shoots, engagement photos. Even after the wedding you may have them call you back for maternity or family photo shoots. So, even though weddings may only happen once (or twice, or…maybe a few times) you can build a growing portfolio of loyal clients who will turn to you whenever they need a shoot, especially if you do a great job.

One more thing to consider with wedding photography is that, unlike some types of photography work, a lot of your clients may want traditional, printed photographs, books, and large framed prints. This is something you should be prepared to do or have a reliable connection with someone who can produce these deliverables for your clients.

Wedding photography offers many options and opportunities to choose from. Enjoy the process of determining what direction you want to go in.

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