Is There A Ceremony For Scattering Ashes?

The burden of wondering what will happen to a family urn over time is lifted with the option of an ash scattering ceremony. To honor a life while maintaining your own peace of mind, ash scattering ceremonies are a popular option for letting go of remains in good conscience. If you have decided that ash scattering is the most appropriate way to say your final farewell, here are some ways you can ceremoniously spread remains.

Types Of Ash Scattering Ceremonies

The options for a scattering ash service vary based on the processes involved in each ceremony. The most common ceremonies are:

  • Casting Ceremonies
  • Trenching Ceremonies
  • Sky/Aerial Ceremonies

Raking ceremonies, which consist of spreading remains into the soil, are also popular for families looking for a simple way to symbolically honor someone’s life by scattering their ashes.

Ceremony Processes Explained

Casting is the process of spreading cremation ashes into the air, downwind from those attending the ceremony. Trenching requires that a hole is dug where the ashes will be scattered and then buried. Sky or aerial ceremonies require a professional company to complete a scattering ash service by flying the ashes of the loved on across the sky.

Other Ceremony Ideas

People also create their own ash scattering ceremonies to reflect the life they are honoring. As one example, a family may feel that it is fitting for the ashes of a member who loved water or swimming to be scattered in the ocean. Regardless of how unique the ceremony may be for you, the objective of the ceremony is to symbolize the life of the departed and to let go of their spirit in a respectful way.

Choosing Ceremony Locations

People can choose the location for their ceremonies, but there are few specific laws to abide by. While public land is unrestricted, scattering over private land requires landowner permission. Additionally, ocean-based ceremonies must be at least three nautical miles from land.

Yes, There Are Ash Scattering Ceremonies

From the ground to the sky, there are many different ash scattering ceremonies to choose from. Feel free to get as creative as you want in order to properly pay respects to the person who has passed. As long as you are truly honoring the life of your loved one, ash scattering ceremonies are a thoughtful way to release your loved one’s spirit while providing you with a peaceful way to say goodbye.

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