Virginia Child Support Information – How Long Should I Provide Support For My Kid?

Virginian law states that it is mandatory for parents to financially support their minor children irrespective of whether the parents weren’t married in the past, currently married or are divorced. The continued rise of divorce and out-of-wedlock births along with the increased cost of caring for children accounts for the creation of child support guidelines.

Child support guidelines:

The intent of child support laws is to ensure each parent fulfills the obligation to support their minor child. The guidelines help parents in calculating the appropriate monetary support they are required to provide. The assistance of child support lawyer is particularly helpful when you are facing issues with the other parent regarding child support.

Common issues that arise with child support:

Parents taking up more of other parent’s time with kids: One major factor that influences child support amount is the parental time. A parent who spends more time naturally has greater need for child support. Some parents use this strategically and purposefully increase their time with the kid.

Parents seeking additional parenting time but fail to spend time with children: Many a times parents request for additional time with kids just because they want to cut down their child support obligation.

Parents who are unemployed in spite of having earning capacity:  There are parents who take the need for mutual financial support seriously and continue to remain unemployed even after their divorce.

Parents lying about their income: Some parents state a lesser income to make it look like they are under-employed.

Main factors that dictate child support amount:

  • Number of children
  • Parenting time
  • Gross income of each parent

Duration of child support:

As per Virginia law, child support is mandatory until the child turns 18.  Child support is continued after 18 for a child who is:

  • Pursuing a full-time course in high school
  • Not self-supporting
  • Living in the residence of the parent receiving child support payments

There are exceptional situations where child support is extended further including when the child has a serious and permanent mental/physical disability even before he/she turned 18 and when the child cannot live independently yet. Child support requires much paperwork. Having an attorney by your side makes the entire process easier.

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