Style Your House with Personalised Canvas Prints

In case you are looking for an optimum as well as unique way to showcase pictures in your house, through Canvas Photos Online, then you are on the right track. You can make use of these prints by converting your high-quality images on to a cotton canvas and then later on showcase the same in your bedroom, dining room or any other space of your house. The hand-picked large photo prints for walls can be attached over a lightweight frame of wooden material in order to turn your photos into an artwork that contains large canvas photo prints. Large Canvas Pictures can come in a different variety of sizes ranging from 8×10 to 36×36, and all of these can be framed in a different manner with different colour options available as per your needs. This will not only stand out in different living space, but also able to tell you a story with some unique moments in your life. It’s time to move ahead and know more about the selections of perfect layout, ways to hang it on your wall as well as methods to display the same. So, let’s go ahead and impress your guest with a beautifully attractive large photo prints for walls:

1.     Sizes

At the time of generating a personalised mural print, one of the most important thing you need to consider is to decide actual size of the print. You need to be sure to consider wall size with number of pictures you want to add in your collage.

These are some preferred choices you can make:

For a Large Print:

  • 16×16: Can be a perfect pick for the large size portrait or a collage.
  • 16×20: Good for hanging objects both horizontally as well as vertically, thus a good option for landscape family portraits.
  • 20×30: Good for portraits as well as landscapes, but this can also be utilized for a family collage, with family name or a quote at the centre-front.

For Extra Large Printing options

  • 24×36: Good for highlighting focal point in your picture-wall, and you can pair the same with tiny art prints in order to bring perfect balance in your art gallery wall.
  • 30×40: Perfect for showcasing some of your favourite landscape pictures.
  • 36×36: Excellent to wow any guest and generate a big collage in terms of unique layouts &fun loving quotes.

2.     Plan Your Layout in a Proper Manner

It is the most important thing to consider before you begin hanging canvas prints. You need to place your pictures as well as artwork on the floor, and then arrange them to choose a good layout that works perfectly for you. You can start with the largest one and then move one step at a time till the smaller pieces. You can make use of an asymmetrical layout to feature both large and small prints.

3.     Methods to Hang Your Artwork

Now you have chosen your mural print size, as well as you are now ready to hang your personalise wall art. So, next thing is to take care of some of the vital steps associated with the mural prints hanging options:

  • Collect Your Materials

It is time to gather all of the relevant materials you’ll require, like a pencil, screwdriver, tape measure, hammer, wall protector pads, and spirit level.

  • Choose the Place to Hang Your Custom Prints

Choose where you desire to hang your mural print, and clean your wall with a damp cloth. Next, you need to mark the place to hang your art with a pencil. Also, you should hang your mural print just 10 inches above your piece of furniture.

  • It’s time to Hang Your Prints

It is time to hammer your nails/j-hooks into the wall or make use of two medium-sized nails/j-hooks, for the purpose of hanging a large size print. You need to perfectly align mural to hang it perfectly. You can make use of a spirit level for hanging it in a straightforward manner.

  • Provide Stability to your Frame with a Saw-tooth Bracket

For adding more stability, a saw tooth bracket can be a perfect idea.

4.     Pair Your Custom Artwork with the House Decor

Choose pieces for the gallery wall that can pair in an organized manner with your personalised house decor. You can also select art prints in a complementary manner to your furniture, in order to provide aesthetically pleasing look.

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