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Three Top Tips for Women’s Health in the New Year

It’s a new year, and we’re just at the point where our new year’s resolutions start to feel like real work – the novelty’s worn off but they’ve not yet become ingrained habits. Today we’re taking a look at three easy tips specifically for women’s health to keep your new year health goals going!

Take a Look at Your Vitamins

It’s a great idea to support your health with vitamin supplements, whether that’s as a goal in itself or as a way to boost your performance with exercise or training. Vitamins and minerals can affect our mood, our abilities in the gym, how we look and our day to day wellness, but there’s no perfect ‘one size fits all’ multivitamin.

Do some research and look for exactly what you need – what vitamins aren’t you getting in your diet (whether that’s due to dietary restrictions, medical conditions or or simply taste!), and what you need specifically. The best vitamins for women are the best vitamins for the woman taking them.

Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

Your sleep has a huge impact on your health, mental and physical. Poor sleep is reported to contribute to insulin resistance, disrupt your appetite hormones and leaves you less able and willing to make the other difficult but healthy choices you would make on a better day – tired people are more likely to pick unhealthy (but easier) food options, for example.

There are some easy things you can try.Limit your screen time in the run up to bed – the bright lights of our omnipresent devices leave us feeling alert and less able to sleep easily. It’s also important to try and maintain a routine – it’s easier to get to sleep if you go to bed at the same time each day, close your eyes and try to sleep. And limit large meals, caffeine and nicotine in the run up to going to bed. This should help you sleep better and deeper, giving you the mental resources to stick to your other health goals.

Keep a Healthy Gut

Your gut is a complex ecosystem, with the digestion of food and the extraction of all its valuable nutrients enabled by a variety of specialised bacteria which you can help thrive. Try adding probiotic foods like yoghurts and sauerkraut to your diet and ensuring you eat plenty of fibre. This provides plenty of food for those good bacteria and can help limit the risk of certain cancers!

These three simple tips will support any more complex health goals and help you feel better and fitter long into 2023.

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