Making Your Small Place Feel Like A Big Space

It’s not every day that you wake up and think to yourself, “my home is the ideal size!”. Most of us would like to have a bit more space but upgrading your square footage is going to set you back financially. If only there was a way to make your place feel bigger, without upgrading and breaking the bank.

The accompanying guide contains many ideas for making a small space feel bigger by using elements of design. Things like color, texture, shapes and angles can make a place feel bigger without gaining square footage. One way to achieve this is going with a monochromatic color palette. This helps a room feel air and open as opposed to a room with lots of contrast. Choosing accents such a curtains made of light fabrics and furniture with long thin, legs can also contribute to the impression that the space is a lot larger than it really is. Walls and floors can be accentuated with striped elements that help guide the eye horizontally or vertically to create the feeling of additional height or width, as well.

Mastering these simple design elements and using psychology to your advantage will help your small place feel like a big space, making your more comfortable and more accepting of your home. For more ideas, continue reading!

Small Place Big Space from Downtown Apartment Company, a Chicago Penthouse Rental Company

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