Perks Of Staying Off Technology And Going Outside

For better or worse, the world is now more connected than it has ever been. Although we can communicate in real time with nearly everyone on the planet thanks to the Internet and advances in telecommunications technology, this has both positive and negative effects. Americans spend up to 10 hours every day staring at screens, watching television, and using the internet, claims a study. While there are numerous advantages to our current reliance on technology, there is also a risk that we will lose out on some opportunities.

We miss out on something when we let technology rule our lives, whether it’s watching DVRs from a park bench or checking social media while swimming. We spend too much time in front of the television, which means that we typically spend extended periods of time indoors sitting or lying down. There are several health benefits of sunlight, fresh air, and regular exercise that cannot be overstated. It’s crucial to keep in mind to regularly unplug from technology and spend time in the real world.

Turning off your computer has a number of advantages, especially if you spend that time outside. According to research, frequent use of social media has been shown to aggravate depressive symptoms, stress, and health problems associated with prolonged sitting and media consumption. You are exposed to a lot of recycled air and artificial lighting when you spend all of your time indoors staring at devices, neither of which is good for your health.

Setting limits on your digital usage could significantly enhance your quality of life. You might want to think about switching from your touch screen phone to a simpler model without email or an Internet connection. As you would with calorie intake when on a diet, think about limiting your screen time. Reading a book instead of staring at your phone during your commute might also help you unplug and improve your mood.

You can find some methods to reduce stress by using the checklist that is included with this post. If you tick everything off the unplugging checklist, you might experience some immediate improvements in your happiness and wellbeing.

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